Hot chicks who could totally kick my ass!

  1. Chicks DO like big equipment!
  2. Nice.
  3. Mmmm, chick with a rifle.
  4. Russian translation of previous pic.
  5. Dude, her guns are fully loaded.
  6. You laugh but she is .005 seconds from impact after her chute failed.
  7. Totally improper saluting form!
  8. Come to think of it, pretty much any woman in uniform would give me a run for my money. It has been 10 years since I was discharged...
  9. I will refrain from any "she can sit on my missile" jokes.
  10. He he, she uses personal protection.
  11. Phoenix from American Gladiators. I have to be honest, this is about the limit to how buff I would like a woman. I think it's her eyes that draw me...
  12. Thought this was funny. Found it under the title "tough chicks."
  13. Uma Thurman, totally hot of course, but she's not tough enough you say? Well why don't we just defer to Quentin Terintino on this one who talks about...
  14. My sister in law. Don't let the sweet look fool you gents, she would beat the ever-loving piss outta you, run you over in her car, beat on you with a...
  15. Tyris Flare, Amazonian warrioress, Brian Fielding retro game reviewer. Hmm...I am going to go with Tyris FTW
  16. The Donna's lead guitarist, Alison Robertson. I maintain she could kick my ass simply by being a tough punk rock chick!
  17. This picture was taken right after the Ohio State Women's Rugby Team posed topless on the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC. As far as being able to...
  18. Another hot Israeli soldier.
  19. She may be short, but she still scares the crap out of me. Which is oddly arousing
  20. I've been to Israel twice, and let me tell you I nearly got whiplash looking at all the hot women. All adults have to serve in the military, so most...
  21. This is taken from the MTV VMA commercial she did. Check it out here! http://www.spike.com/video/mtv-movie-awards/2729920
  22. Former featherweight champion Gina Carano. This one doesn't need a lot of explanation, I wouldn't last half a round.
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