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    To be honest, maxing out the score (similar to the Crush series) is indeed the only way to finish the game that I have found so far. In fact, the manual states that the main objective of the game is 'to score as many points as possible'. I have explored basically every nook and cranny, and the bosses are never permenantly defeated; they simply provide a million-point reward each time they are beat, but can be revisited and beaten again and again. There are alot of secrets hidden about the table however which can aid you in this process (which my FAQ details), but without cheats, getting the bigger ones is a long and tedious process, such as turning all the red/blue squares one color in the upper right corner of the sky stage which gives a huge reward.

    Hint: If you are eager to see the rather simple ending sequence and want a shortcut to it, enable the morph and level select cheats, warp to the sky stage, and at the corner with the squares that I mentioned, turn them all to one color (red or blue). Then, without touching any of the other squares, repeatedly walk over one of them so that it changes back and forth between the two colors, and each time rewards you with 1 million points.

    And btw which unused songs are you referring to? Are they accessible in the sound test? Numbers, please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5233 View Post
    And btw which unused songs are you referring to? Are they accessible in the sound test? Numbers, please.
    0 - Title
    1 - Land
    2 - Ending
    3 - ???
    4 - Sea boss
    5 - Land boss
    6 - Sky
    7 - Sky boss
    8 - Sea
    9 - ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5233 View Post
    In case anyone is in the midst of making one already, I want to let everyone know that in the previous year or two I progressively worked on a near-complete and very detailed Dinoland FAQ, with the only parts missing mostly being a few details regarding the underwater stage. I did finish this game (hint: beating bosses is not how you do it) and own a CIB copy of it so I had the manual for reference. The FAQ should be available soon.
    Interesting, i been playing this game lately, and its not that bad.

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