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Thread: Oddity with CDX

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    Default Oddity with CDX

    I noticed something odd today with my CDX... I went to play Road Rash (CD) and it took forever for the disc to be recognized and run... all disc operations were taking at least ten times as long as normal. That's when I had a sneaking suspicion and unplugged the MegaMouse - I've seen carts that won't run with the MegaMouse plugged in... and it turns out the CDX takes ten times as long to do anything with the CD if it's plugged in.

    I should try the same thing on my SCD Model 2 to see if it's the CDX that's odd or SCD in general.

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    I remember about at least 2 games hanging in my Mega CD 2 if the Sega Mouse is plugged. But not about longer than normal loadings...
    It's really odd, Chilly.

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