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Thread: Should the 32X exist?

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    on barone's post on sculpted software:

    Pac-Mania -> Poor graphical conversion; the sprites aren't the arcade ones anymore and the tables also look very washed-out. There's even a recent improvement hack for the MD version just to compensate SS's poor work here.
    The Punisher -> Looks awful; one of the worst use of color of the entire MD library.
    yeah, i still consider both solid arcade ports but then my bar was pretty low after stuff like cap & the avengers and the like. punisher's one in particular i thought kept the tao of the arcade game & the tradeoffs were mostly fine, but i can see the knock on the minimal use of color.
    it still plays great & i enjoy it, but it does feel like a bit more time in the oven could've made for a greater port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barone View Post
    WWF Super Wrestlemania -> Looks and sound like shit on the MD.
    WWF Royal Rumble -> Ditto.
    Boxing Legends of the Ring -> Ditto.
    WWF Raw -> Ditto.
    They were equally crap and looked like crap on the Snes too, maybe they sounded better but that's it.
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