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    Quote Originally Posted by SEGA.GENESIS1989 View Post
    I would be venturing into new territory if I decided to use a flash cart. If I understand correctly, I could use a Everdrive flash cart with the SEGA CD Bios preloaded in order to load a Japanese MEGA CD game.
    Yes, but just to be precise: if you use a full, unmodified Sega CD setup and an EverDrive with a special-free region BIOS loaded, you can get some (not all) Japanese Mega-CD games to run on US hardware.

    (Sometimes people think incorrectly that they can run Sega CD ISOs directly from the EverDrive, so I just want to be clear.)

    Quote Originally Posted by SEGA.GENESIS1989 View Post
    Neat! As a follow up question, is there a forum thread or web site that lists all known MEGA CD games where this fix works?
    Not that I know of, but it'd be great to have one. We'd need someone with a large Mega CD collection + an EverDrive + US hardware + the willingness to systematically try things out, though, and that may not be easy to find. Or we can piece it together from various sources -- I don't know how Melf is running his Japanese games, but if he's running them on US hardware...

    (I don't own any original Japanese Mega CD games, so I don't want to use my own experiences for a list, since I can't be sure that my copies are correct/faithful.)
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    Don't forget there's also the Datel Pro CDX converter cart (which varies dramatically on compatibility) two different software patching programs to use if you burn a CD-R (again, compatibility varies tremendously), and the Megacart that was specifically made to support all regions.

    I've used the Megacart on my NTSC model 2 Sega CD and never had a single import game not work. If for some reason Sengoku does have the region check mid-game, the Megacart still fixes it because I've played through it quite a few times.

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    Thanks for the advice Azathoth and goldenband.

    Although I am currently seeking a Japanese Model 1 SEGA CD CIB, I think that either option will serve as a cheaper alternative to playing inport SEGA CD games! Thanks once again!
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    Now that i've actually given it a fair shot, the game isn't bad at all. It also gets quite a bit better after the first 2 stages. Yes it's a bit average, yes the graphics and levels are bland in the beginning (they get better). The music isn't bad, it actually uses the scaling chip a little.
    I'd give it a 7/10. An ok game, better than all the FMV garbage.
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