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Thread: NBA Jam Tournament Editon (32X)

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    NBA Jam Tournament Editon (32X)

    The 32X got little love during its short and painful life, and if it received a port, then you knew it was officially ported to every console under the Sun at the time. NBA Jam Tournament Edition was a game that saw the rounds on machines of all types and power, from the Genesis to the Jaguar. We have a full review of the 32X version for you, so take a gander at the only B-ball game available for your little mushroom.
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    I found my complete copy of this game in a thrift store with a price tag of $2. But since this is a sports game, I felt that $2 was waaaaay too much to spend. So I swapped it with a $1 price tag from an item nearby, and I still had a hard time paying that amount. But the game itself is OK. The graphics pretty much suck and there may only be 32 colors onscreen (or so it looks like), but for about 3 minutes, it's kind of fun.

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    No, but it would have been sweet.

    As for NBA Jam TE... I thought the game was OK, but it was one of the last 32X games I wanted so I was glad to buy it for a few dollars.
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