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Thread: Sega CD systems repair thread

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    Hey fellas my Mega Cd is on the fritz, fantastic thread BTW I've already learned a lot. I have a Model 1 Mega CD that is having issues with Audio after working fine for many years. Unlike the usual issue with Cd audio that im seeing in here frequently it's only the pcm audio thats been glitching out. Audio is crystal clear with cd playback but the bios screen music or travelling to the past in sonic cd has channels sound very choppy or missing entirely. I'm in the process of cleaning the boards and leaky caps but before I go crazy recapping everything which board should I be focusing on? Seems like the thin one at the back handles audio from what I'm seeing. Also can't find the roland pcm chip so if anyone knows where I should be looking point me in the right direction!

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    Hello all.

    I got a Model 2 that powered on but didn't read discs. I ordered a laser from Liberty and installed it today. Turn it on, it works! I let Tomcat Alley run in demo mode for a bit while I cleaned up my work area. After maybe 15 minutes I noticed that TA was skipping. I turned the system off and back on, and now it's not recognizing discs again. I don't imagine a laser would die that quickly, so maybe caps? I'll take it apart and give it a look over.
    that is all.

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    My Mega CD loses all its internal saves requiring a re-format when I havenít played it. What can I do?

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