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Thread: Genesis 1 & Mega Drive 1 stereo mod no headphones volume control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eep386 View Post

    Either way, I'm pretty sure those caps on the VA2 aren't 4700pF.... 1000pF would give a 3.38 kHz cut-off frequency, when used with 47K resistors.
    Well I know that in order to reach the same LPF in the VA3, you have to change out the 5600pF with 4700pF. It may be that I forgot to take into account the resistors paired with the caps. In the VA3 the 10K's with 5600pF were a slightly more severe amount of LPF. So Ace said you just change the 5600's for 4700's. With all that said, what then in fact are the cap values in the VA2?

    Edit: Just checked your calculator and yeah, looks like I forgot to take into account the resistors. Looks like they must be 1000pF like you said. Sorry about that.
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    No probs.
    What this also means is to get the 15.3 kHz 'unfiltered' setup on a ~VA2, you would need 220pF caps. Personally I prefer a 4.1 kHz -/+ 5% low-pass knee, which you can get with 820pF for the ~VA2 and 3900pF for the VA3 through VA6.8.

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