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Thread: PS2 vs Dreamcast Graphics

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    Two more games: 18 wheeler and 90 minutes soccer.

    18 wheeler: Seems the game can push a somewhat heavier polygon count outside of arcade.
    44,525 triangles per frame x 30 fps = 1.3 million polygons per second. Not bad considering it came out 1999 on naomi.

    90 minutes football is a peculiar one.On a real console it runs like 15-30 fps(its steady if you shut off commentary) When the game was localized for the japanese as J league Spectacler Soccer they somewhat modified the graphics. They modified how the lods of the football players behave(it isnt as vicious) but they took out all stadium side details( people and cameramen) significantly reducing the polygon count while improving frame rate.The frame rate is better but still sub 30 fps unless you shut off commentary. Also polygon count during gameplay relies on what camera chosen. Seems low verticle shows the most.

    90 minutes entrance(closeup) : 45,795 tris per frame x 30 fps = 1.3 million polygons

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    They certainly sold a ton of Wii Fit and Balance boards. I believe Nintendo managed to sell an insane number of Balance Boards for the Wii.
    I think that was the issue with the system. Nintendo sold a ton of system to non-gamers who only used it for Wii Play or Wi Fit
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