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Thread: PS2 vs Dreamcast Graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonicTheHedgehog View Post
    Some people when comparing the Megadrive/Genesis against the SNES and the DC against the PS2 forget that they were released 2 years and 1 month and 14 months before those 2 rival consoles. If the Megadrive/Genesis had been launched in Nov 1990 instead of Oct 88 and the DC in March 00 instead of Nov 98 they probably would of outclassed the SNES & PS2 in every way. Mabee not by a huge margin but both the MD/GEN & DC would of had the edge. It seems Sega's problem was as much with timing as it was with anything else.

    What do people on here think the MD/GEN & DC would of been had they launched later? I think the DC CPU would of been up clocked to 300mhz to match the PS2 as well as 32mb main ram. The GPU prob would of been like the KYRO gpu with 16mb vram instead of 8mb. Audio ram probably would of been doubled and they probably would of used DVD's instead of GD Roms although probably not had DVD movie playback.

    I think the MD/GEN would have had a 10mhz clocked CPU with a few more audio channels and double the audio ram aswel as sprite scaling, more colours on screen from a larger colour palette aswel as larger sprite sizes with more on screen and double the vram.
    The Neo Geo was released 6 months before the Super Famicom. There's much more to consoles' success than release dates. You're also asking if Sega's consoles would have neen more successful if they weren't cheaper than the competition or if they were even more dxpensive than them.

    The 32X and Sega-CD already exist and didn't put Nintendo out of business.
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    everyone knows nintendo is far way cooler than sega just face it nintendo has more better games and originals

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    Finally back. As this will be the last 1.5 months of me posting in this thread(for now), I gotta do my last batch of multiquotes with posts as far back as November. Then I'll show you guys what I've discovered in the meantime.
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