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Thread: Games with 3D graphics running at 60 fps - 5th Generation Consoles

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    Oops didn't see Anarchy in the Nippon already in the list. Thanks for the update

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    Its good to see Klonoa on this list. I tried the Ridge Racer 4 bonus demo today, and thought "since when did this game run at 60 FPS?"

    It makes me wonder if Namco writes their own game engines, their PS1 games are some of the few that don't have warping polygons.

    But it was a sad moment when I found out that this game will cost you an arm and a leg.

    The Ridge Racer 60 FPS version slows down a shit ton on real hardware, but I can confirm it not only runs at 60 FPS, but also at some resolution higher than 240p.
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