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Thread: Gabriel Pyron's Color Hacks!!! (Golden Axe, Street Fighter II, Final Fight CD, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barone View Post
    I really don't like you and you seem to care enough to write a long post about it.
    Looking forward to your next perma ban.
    I know you don't like me but I don't care, I actually think it is funny. (Now I don't have to apologize, you admitted your angle). There is nobody here I don't like as I never meant them in person to get an overall opinion of them of. So do you need a tissue or something, you keep crying and saying and implying you don't like me (yeah...and?) after you see me posting somewhere then you just have to say something negative. Save it. We get it by now. But nobody cares. Or...continue showing your true colors but perhaps actually stay on topic, this is the 2nd negative thing you did lately here that doesn't mention the topic at all (Pyron color hacks). Also I didn't realize typing a sentence (above post) reacting to your negativity (which you always seem to initiate) was a "long post" inside a paragraph about the actual topic ha ha. I look forward to staying here after my perma ban =) Joe isn't an admin no more so I won't get suspended or banned again and I'm not doing anything wrong to warrant any of that...so Thanks for the folder Thief, did you d/l mine yet? I like a lot of your game selections, very good Pyron hacks in there. The idea of original roms and sub folders of alt roms was a good idea.

    Again, thanks to everybody who was being positive.
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