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Thread: Modern monitors/projectors which accept 15Khz RGB + Sync

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    Default Modern monitors/projectors which accept 15Khz RGB + Sync

    Every now and then I try hooking up a system to a VGA monitor using RGB (pins 1, 2, 3 for RGB, pin 13 for CSYNC). A CRT PC monitor won't sync as low as 15Khz horizontal, and most LCD monitors refuse to attempt to sample at a low resolution like that. However, some do. I'd like to list which devices are known that can natively accept RGB - and I mean properly; no smoothing algorithms screwing with the image, no unfixable sharpness enhancer, no 480i de-interlacing on a 240p image - just a good 240p RGB image.

    It would be nice to have a list so people can potentially seek out such monitors who aren't able to source a nice RGB CRT monitor or expensive upscaler. A good clue is that the datasheet for the monitor specifies that composite sync is accepted, like the 940be (http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/co...486X-00Eng.pdf). Ones listed in italics have some fundamental flaw that make them not recommendable, listed alongside the model.

    Dell E1914H
    Samsung 940be (sometimes difficult to get it to sync without jitter, but you can do it)
    Asus VW227D

    Acer T232HL (works, but pixels are uneven and pretty ugly. Also can't take out of 16:9 mode.)



    I don't have model numbers handy, but most digital projectors with a VGA port seem to accept it through there too, sometimes referring to it as SCART (makes sense).

    Anyone else have any reports of compatible monitors, HDTVs, or projectors?
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    ASUS VW227D

    Accepts both 50 and 60Hz 15KHz signals, as well as interlaced signals.

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