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Thread: Who else Rocks the Game Gear with...

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    oh man...I want a Game Gear FM tuner so bad!!! They used to be all over ebay for $10 years ago and now I cannot find one :'( :'(

    Saved by The Bell on GG with the Tuner..Lolz. I remember those days


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    I never knew about the FM tuner as a kid, but I did have a Walkman with FM/AM, so on balance I think I came out ahead. (How weird that this thing could only process FM signals... pretty shortwaved of them if you ask me.

    I DID have the TV tuner. That thing was great, especially since I often was in the car on weekends for 4 hour road trips to my grandparent's house. "Chasing the signal" from one broadcast region to the next was sure interesting. Unfortunately, my Game Gear died many years agon. I've got a new one, the 2110g revision, and it's caps still seem to work just fine, but there's some issue preventing the video from the TV tuner from displaying properly on the screen. Mind you, considering that all the TV stations have moved on to digital signals around here, I feel like the tv tuner is more or less completely useless now. They're still pretty cheap on eBay, and my antenna was broken in half years ago, but I haven't felt the need to buy a replacement just to get an antenna that won't give me tetanus. One day, I intend to get one of those replacement cap packages and go about repairing my original Game Gear. I'd love to get it working again anyway because the plastic on the older models is somehow... smoother, I dunno, it feels nice in my hands.

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