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Thread: WIP - Shinobi MD port

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    Quote Originally Posted by tryphon View Post
    Concerning enemy placement, it's worse : I simply don't understand how the arcade game works. Enemy locations are different if you go left-to-right or right-to-left, if you are on one floor or another (funny thing I didn't know : in 1-1, if you climb up ASAP, a lying gun-man appaear at the beginning ; it's a very hard enemy to shoot when you play the 1st time, so I took the decision to remove it), if you're waiting too long... The arcade game can handle dozens of enemies on one screen, it isn't possible anyway on MD, so I took a more deterministic way. Every enemy that appears in my game can appear, under certain conditions, in the arcade game. The converse is false. But I think the way you encounter difficulties in stages is preserved. There again, I'm open to suggestions if something feels really wrong.
    On regular gameplay.. what i see most of the time is everyone going to right the fast possible, that's "way of the ninja"" kkkk
    so in normal case the enemy placement is correct

    is rare you have to step back for something..
    the one case that me and others friends did it, is to try set the record on machine,
    so we walking back trought the level until the time limit to make more points, but dosen't works in every level..
    Stage 1-1 and 1-2 is easy, the enemys respawn when you reach the end or the begning of the level
    but in stage 2-1 it dosen't work, but if you stop near of ship entrance, here:

    the knife mans will spawn at eternum until the time ends.

    In stage 2-2 dosen't work, and in 2-3 only the sea man respawn on stage and etc..
    i think we can tune it on future.

    Edit: Also we have look at in some enemys AI, the gun man for example his normal action is fire when his are in stand position,
    after his first animation cicly the next one his can fire in lowered position.
    But i don't know if it has something in relation with difficulty level.. on arcade we can see how is seted =D
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