I know some people have strong options for an against twitch, but I have found that its a great way to have those good conversations about games with out everyone coming over to watch at my house . That being said, I have collected all the US games for all the US systems and I have been playing them in release order. I try and play 24 to 30 games in one setting. I have been just playing them until a game over or 5 mins if its a sports game. I just got my Framemeister in so I can finally stream them at a 720p. I am up to 1992 and wanted to invite everyone to join me! this week I have to make up for what I missed last week so I will be playing alot of games. I try and start around 1 or 2PM EST. I have started this because I want to say I have played every Sega game I own.

here is the list of games . and if you would like to see my twitch page its http://www.twitch.tv/douglie007 and my past recording are on my youtube, if you want to skim them. I am trying to break up game by game for youtube but its taking a while. Let me know what you like and what you think need to be done better. If I am going to do this I want to make sure people that love Sega as much as I do, will enjoy it.