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Thread: EverDrive GG: Does anyone have it?

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    If you want to help the cause a bit, post to KRIKzz's board and say you're on the fence about buying it and want to see SG-1000 compatibility restored first (if it matters to you, which it should).

    I think I might send a PM to KRIKzz and/or the "KRIKzz team" account there. It's not like a setup palette for SG-1000 games would take a lot of work, or would be terra incognita -- the Tototek cart had it working.

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    I'm pretty sure SG-1000 games were compatible with earlier OS builds. It was broken with one of the updates. I don't think it would be too hard to go back and find out what went wrong and reverse it. That would be priority #1.

    #2 would be the Shining Force glitch, which is bizarre.

    #3 would be the long/short filename bug
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    Oddly enough, even though I have an Everdrive FC, PCE, 64 2.5, Mega X7 and a couple EDMDs and an ED NES I've given to friends as gifts in the past, I've never felt the need to make an account at the Krikzz forums. I'll look into it though.
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