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Thread: Question for Virtua Racing experts.

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    On the Saturn wheel: I wanted one as long as I've had a Saturn. I randomly walked into a game store in Albany one day and they happened to have one for $12, so I jumped on it. After using it quite a bit, I'm not crazy about it. Construction wise, it doesn't feel great. Mine wiggles more than I'd prefer, but that could just be my unit. The big thing that hurts it is the lack of analog acceleration and braking. I get it if Sega didn't want it to have wired pedals hanging off of it, but they could've come up with some solution. Just slap some triggers on the back or front of the grips. It's great in that it lets me play Hang On GP 95 and others with better steering, but without analog accel and brake I feel ripped off.

    It's my go to controller when playing Hang On, VR, OG Daytona, and Touge King 1, but any racer that supports the 3D pad is better with it.
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    Nope. Bloodlines is the problem, not me. I have no trouble with Super Castlevania IV (SNES) and Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (TCD), and have finished both games. Both of those are outstanding games, among the best platformers of the generation. In comparison Bloodlines is third or fourth tier.

    No, it's unbiased analysis. The only fanboyism is people who claim that Hyperstone Heist and Bloodlines are actually as good as their SNES counterparts.
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    Silanda is the MVP of this thread.

    Now I want to play Saturn VR.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a bad game but most people hate it for the wrong reasons. It's not a port of VR, it's a re-imagining. It may be bad, but I'd still rather play it than the arcade/PS2/32x/whatever because it's the only VR that has more depth than Britney Spears.

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    I'm not sure if anyone around here has played it but the Switch port is stunning; Arcade perfect and has a multi split screen mode which is so impressive!

    This port reminds me of Soul Calibur on DC. Arcade perfect but then, so much more!

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