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Thread: FIFA International Soccer (Game Gear)

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    FIFA International Soccer (Game Gear)

    Electronic Arts' FIFA Soccer series has long been a standard of excellence, but the Game Gear version kind of trips over the ball in some areas. While not a bad game, it fails to live up to the legacy of its 16-bit siblings. Still, it may be worth looking into if you're itching to play some soccer and come across a copy at a decent price. Read the full review for more details.

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    Meh. Another Jackson review. Saw it on GameFAQS. Copy and pasted. Not much effort put into the review. I'll take NBA Jam for the Game Gear and do a review for it.

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    While I agree that this was a short review it was also one that was written over 10 years ago. Back then most of my reviews I wrote were shorter and now it is I do make them longer and more detailed as my writing styles have changed since then.
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