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Thread: Reader Roundtable Vol. 130

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    Shakespeare Reader Roundtable Vol. 130

    It's great how most old games only age in years, continuing to stand the test of time even as more modern consoles replace them. Sega's machines are home to many timeless classics, and there's a nice feeling to going back and exploring some of the titles that slipped by earlier or just revisiting a favorite title. This month, we have a nice selection of classics from our staff and readers, so read on and see what they were playing in February!

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    1) Well, I'll take Shinobi III over the rest, but Shadow Dancer is still a damn good game.

    2) Yeah, Gain Ground is a hidden gem, made all the more awkward that Sega seems to have nothing to do with the Genesis port, despite being the developers of the arcade original.

    3) Not a fan of the genre, and especially not random battle games, but I love Phantasy Star IV anyway. Must be the MACRO system. I could play through this as often as a hardcore JRPG nerd could play through Chrono Trigger, and I don't need the incentive of multiple endings.

    4) ...I'm not into board game conversions to home console games, but I guess it's nice to know there's a good version of Chess on the Genesis, for people willing to go out of their way to get it.

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    Great, funny writeup on the Chess title.
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