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Thread: SMS Double Dragon manual variant: Do unedited versions exist?

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    Default SMS Double Dragon manual variant: Do unedited versions exist?

    A while back I was selling off a couple of my duplicate SMS games, among them Double Dragon (US/NTSC). Both copies of it I had were complete so I took a quick glance over each to determine which was worse for the wear. Both had manuals, and when comparing them I noticed something weird.


    On the back cover of one manual was a mark where someone had run a black marker over the top line in the copyrights paragraph. You can plainly tell it was done by hand and you could still read what was under it if you looked close enough.

    "DOUBLE DRAGON is a licensed trade mark of Trade West Software Inc"

    Obviously this is incorrect, Trade West (I always assumed it one word, Tradewest) was just a publisher of the North American NES version, Technos Japan were both the original programmers of the arcade & Famicom versions and the trademark holders. I guess whoever was writing copy that day at Sega of America got their wires crossed and made a mistake. At some point this line of text was completely removed from and a revised manual printed as the 2nd copy I owned didn't have either the black mark nor the underlying text on the back page.

    Does anyone's copy have this line left unedited, or were they all caught in time?

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    I no longer have a Double Dragon manual to check, but I know that a lot of copies of Ys Vanished Omens have punctuation errors.
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    I've never heard of this before, so weird. I don't have a manual of my own to compare. I guess they screwed up the info, and just blacked it out later rather than re-printing.
    I was able to find some scans online. The version I found only has the last part blacked out. I wonder who's job it was to sit there blacking out the same line from thousands of manuals?
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    Weird. Mine has the line blacked out but their poor minimum wage grunt did a better job on my copy, because you can't really make out the words at all.

    But the back of the box correctly credits Technos Japan.

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