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Thread: Reader Roundtable Vol. 134

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    Shakespeare Reader Roundtable Vol. 134

    Summer is in full swing, and you've hopefully had some extra time to play games. As always, we're here to share what we've been playing over the past 30 days, and there's usually a game or two that might have slipped under your radar or that you've been thinking of revisiting. Well, now's the time! Grab that controller and play some games! Read the full article for more details.

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    Actually there are hidden side quests in Beyond Oasis in which you can find gems and infinite weapons.

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    Wonder Boy:
    I can't imagine how hypocritical it would be to not like this, but somehow like Adventure Island(though I'm sure the internet can find a way ). Seems alight, but I do think I prefer the Monster World side of the series, though I'm not usually into adventure over arcade style.

    Good game, usually wherever it's ported. Would not recommend any version of 2. Though it remains arcade exclusive, to Japan, I would recommend III(full title = Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III). Excellent Golden Axe clone.

    Yeah, I never played this very much at all, and I've never felt like it again.

    Beyond Oasis:
    As Raistlin mentions, there are infinite use weapons. It's up to you if you think they're worth the effort to obtain though. I do find that you need to take advantage of the save anywhere feature, as you recall that you have it, before the last enemy you expect ends up being the one that takes you out, and you wasted an hour or so...

    Out of This World:
    Honestly, between this, Flashback, and Prince of Persia, these games just never seemed like my kind of thing, and I doubt that's ever going to change.

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    ^ I agree that I'm also generally uninterested in those Prince of Persia- style games, the one exception being Out of this World on Sega CD. It's one of those cases of the music making it worthwhile, if not the gameplay itself lol.

    Plus it does have cool aspects to think about (like how the graphics were innovative and unique, etc.). And as we learn all the steps, it comes together as a quick adventure (20 or 30 minutes) which is very graphical and cinematic, especially the faster and better we can run through it. So it does have a certain charm, and Sega CD might be the very best version of it. IMO it has the best music of any version, including the later high-res versions.

    And I haven't given any real time to the other games of this style, like actual Prince of Persia, etc. But I suspect that this is the very best game of this type lol.

    Back in the '90s I did try Flashback and as a kid, found it really boring lol, including the lack of music. I could tell there was a good game buried in there probably lol.

    The only other game I've played is Beyond Oasis, I've tried it but the fighting felt awkward, I guess we must have to get used to the controls. The overhead view is probably part of why it feels so strange as a brawler.
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