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Thread: PS TV: Some advice needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin View Post
    YLOD? You hear three quick beeps?
    Not YLOD, it's a PS3 slim btw. It just turns off.

    Oh, BTW, can the PSP be used as a middle-man to copy downloaded PSN games to PSTV? You can still access the store, it's just that the front page to access the library is broken and says it has been moved by Sony, but you can still access your account to DL past purchases by choosing the buttons in the upper right corner.

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    I think that as the PSTV is cracked open more it will be a much more robust device to play PSP and Vita games on. They have already done hacks which in conjunctions with Henkaku and a special adapter allow you to use a microSD card for storage instead of the official PSVita cards.
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