Hi all,

I'd like to pick up a few Japanese Sega Mega Drive Games for a friend. Nothing rare, just a few good games, complete and in pretty good shape.

I'm thinking about $20 each is a good ballpark of what I'm hoping to spend. Maybe less per game if I buy a whole bunch from ya?

I'd be interested in any of the following:

01) Mystic Defender
02) Altered Beast
03) Super Shinobi
04) Sonic 1
05) Sonic 2
06) Golden Axe
07) Golden Axe 2
08) Castle of Illusion
09) Strider
10) Space Harrier II
11) Ghouls 'n Ghosts
12) Last Battle
13) Thunder Force II
14) Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
15) Herzog Zwei
16) Forgotten World

*What's a good affordable space ship shooter for the Mega Drive?

If you have other Japanese Sega Mega Drive games that don't require knowing Japanese let me know. I might be interested.
If you have the above but for the Genesis I would go for that too.

If I'm out to lunch on my price expectation please let me know and I'll knock those titles off the list.