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Thread: NiGHTS Into Dreams

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    NiGHTS was a game I just saw in magazines at the time and I thought it looked great. I still just had my Mega Drive and was waiting for the Sonic that never came before I got the Saturn and ended up with an N64. I didn't actually play the game or see it running until a bit over ten years ago when I bought a Saturn and later the game. I immediately loved the visuals and the music but I couldn't understand what I was doing. I had expected an adventure game when I first saw it and even the reviews I remember reading didn't quite get across what I was going to be playing. I liked it but I never was any good at it. I played through all the main levels with both characters but I didn't get the ratings high enough to unlock the final area.

    I didn't know you could run around as the kid first until reading this thread! I always assumed you were just supposed to jump straight in as NiGHTS. I do have it on Steam so perhaps I should give it another solid go sometime.

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    I originally thought Sega should have done more work on the gameplay, playing as one of the kids. More like a Mario 64 kind of feel, or at the least more of a platforming feel. Because even though you can run and jump around as Claris or Elliot, avoiding the clock and grabbing blue chips, the gameplay is superficial, feels unfinished.

    But then I played the expanded kids levels of the sequel Jouney into Dreams ... I guess be careful what you wish for, those stages sucked!

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