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Thread: Interview: Enrique Ruiz (Silver Valley Developer)

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    Master System Interview: Enrique Ruiz (Silver Valley Developer)

    The Master System recently received a new action game, courtesy of homebrew developer Enrique Ruiz. Silver Valley blends various gameplay styles into a challenging but highly engaging adventure that's sure to earn a place on people's flash carts. Read on and see how it came about!

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    I am so glad that you took the time to interview Enrique. When I first came across info about the game during the holiday season, I was astonished what he was able to accomplished all by himself. The recent release of this title has generated so much interest in not only among SEGA enthusiasts but the gaming community as a whole. On the SMS power forums he always takes the time to reply to comments and feedback. This particular comment from your interview only confirms what a humble and giving this individual is:

    Sega-16:Do you see a commercial release for Silver Valley as a possibility?

    Enrique Ruiz:
    I only made it for fun. On the other hand, I have played so many freeware and homebrew games that I am happy when someone writes that they liked the game. That is the best reward for me.
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    The project began in May 2018.
    Not would be 2017 ?
    Great initial game.
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