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Thread: The Dreamcast Junkyard interviewed Bernie Stolar

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    I was surprised a 500 GB HDD would only cost $180 in 2006. Or perhaps he didn't get that accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Yeah, but I can flip that around and say the PC version of GTA IV would struggle to maintain 30 fps while driving on the PC, and that's with a Q9560.
    maybe, but the PS4 and 360 didn't handle a perfect 30 fps either and most Unreal 3 games on the PS3 or 360 never ever got above 30 fps too, yet it was no trouble for the PC.

    So I've never been one to compare a console to a PC, I never never thought its fair or a right comparison.

    Oh noes, not Halo 5.
    Its a good game, not that you would know I Guess. Now has Saturn and DC fan it never bothered me that most of the DC games were on the PC, never mind SONY spending a fortune to make Tomb Raider franchise exclusive to the PS console, but it still came out on the PC, like a lot of PS games. It really doesn't matter, PC and consoles users are different, the systems are different and unlike SONY Anyone who buys a modern PC game is funding MS be that through the games use of Direct X, Windows or if the game happened to be produced by them. MS doesn't lose out, but you getting the PC version.

    Again, missing the point. Xbox 360 and PS3 were equal to high-end PCs upon their release.
    Not really, PC always had the upper hand, of more memory, the ability to update the CPU, GPU and overlock them.But then thats why its a PC you can do things like that, most PC GFX cards had more Video Rame on the GFX cards self, to the main system Ram of the XBox 360 or PS3. The console is a closed system and the moment you open up your console, your warranty is void. I really can't think of one PC game that looked, much less run better on the 360 or PS3. And we can always use games in 1999, I didn't see any PC game match the visuals of Shenmue on the DC, but it was pretty clear that it was not up the highest levels of PC tech.
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