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Thread: Sega power blocks dying. can they be repaired?

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    Default Sega power blocks dying. can they be repaired?

    I have been testing my Power blocks, and I am getting more and more that don't work. I have tested the continuity through the cord and there is no brakes. Can the Caps stop them from working? Is there other repairs that can be done? Right now I have 2 SMS, 3 Genesis Model 1 and a 2 CDX power blocks that does nothing that I would like to get working again.

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    Instead of using old Sega power bricks, you can just simply get a laptop power supply with 12v & 3amps, a 2.1mm DC Adapter Cable One Female to Three Male Monitor Adapter Cable, get center positive to center negative polarity changer adapters, and you will have a laptop power supply that can be used for up to 3 consoles (or a Genesis 1 with Sega CD and 32X *2.1mm to 1.7mm barrel adapter cord needed for 32X, takes center positive polarity*).

    Right now I have two laptop power supplies that I use for A) My Genesis 1 and 32X, and if need be, a Sega CD
    and B) for my NES and SNES.

    That's up to 2-3 power outlets I've kept from being used up, and 4-5 total from being used up by power bricks.

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    The caps can die in them but it is usually the diodes or a break in the wire around the transformer. The later being the harder to fix of the two.
    These PSUs are only good for collectors purposes. They are highly unregulated and just bad for your vintage gear if it doesnt have an internal step down (most do, but not the CD based consoles usually). Use a nice modern Class 2 power supply if you have it.


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