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Thread: Broken NES Game Genie

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    NES Broken NES Game Genie

    I have a broken gold NES Game Genie, many of the traces to the pins have corroded so there is always a garbled cheat code screen.

    Anyways, I'm selling it for $4 just to cover shipping. I'm not looking to get back my money on it or get any profit, I just want to get rid of it. Maybe the pin connector on it can be used by someone trying to convert a Front Loader NES into a Top Loader, or for replacing an actual Top Loader NES' pin connector (if that's even possible)

    Whatever, it's for parts or repair and I have no use for it. I bought it at a flea market for $5, the guy lied to me and said it worked.

    Again the cost is mainly for shipping, I'll accept PayPal gift so I don't get charged any fees and I'm not looking to screw anyone, but it is sold as is.

    PM me or reply to this topic if interested.
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