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Nintendo and Sega had been at war for so long at that point that Nintendo balked at the idea of working with them to fight off government interference. Kalinske tried to get them to see sense but Lincoln said it was Sega's fault that the industry was being scrutinised in the first place, and so Nintendo had no intention of helping Sega 'clean up their own mess.' Complete bollocks really, especially when you consider that, when it suited them, Nintendo didn't give a shit about censorship. See MKII on the SNES as a perfect example. If they had such holier than thou 'family friendly' virtues then why not censor the port of MKII like they did MK1? I'll tell you why, because the Mega Drive port of MK1 completely outsold the SNES port, and at the end of the day all Nintendo cared about really was the bottom line.
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