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Thread: Sega System 16B Multi

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    Default Sega System 16B Multi

    You saw that Apocalypse is doing a multi for the System 16B?

    Pretty exciting stuff.

    "29 official games known on this system:
    - Ace Attacker
    - Alien Syndrome
    - Altered Beast / Jyuohki
    - Aurail
    - Bay Route
    - Bullet
    - Cotton
    - Dunk Shot
    - Dynamite Dux
    - E-Swat
    - Excite League
    - Flash Point
    - Golden Axe
    - Heavyweight Champ
    - M.V.P.
    - Passing Shot
    - Riot City
    - Ryu Kyu
    - SDI
    - Shinobi
    - Sonic Boom
    - Sukeban Jansi Ryuko
    - Super League
    - Tetris
    - Time Scanner
    - Toryumon
    - Tough Turf
    - Wonderboy III Monster Lair
    - Wrestle War'

    Any game in that list works as a base with Apocalypse's board replacing the top ROM board. Games are chosen via a dipswitch. (Another further version is proposed with LCD screen, etc. for more $$).

    Multi release date is still TBD but there are some good titles in that list and I am really looking forward to it.

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    OK, I'm intrigued.

    There are a lot of arcade games here I've always wanted to have at home without emulation.

    But I'm not seeing the full picture. What will Apocalypse's kit include? What will we have to add ourselves?

    We'll need the main system board for System-16? And Apocalypse's kit will connect to that?

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Sega Dude

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