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Thread: How thrifty are you?

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    There's a Goodwill near me which specialises in computer equipment and video games. The prices are about market, but they have some really useful niches: a bucket full of laptop power supplies from a variety of manufacturers, a rack of monitors with different inputs, that sort of thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Furnessly View Post
    It's not just charity stores but also look around car boots (flea markets). Car boots are just as bad, overcharging for a 5-10 year old 360 FIFA game, resellers that have the same stock all the time and comparing/praising eBay.
    There was a time - over a decade ago - where I found some amazing stuff at car boot sales. It was that sweet spot time just after Wintel squashed everything, rendering it "junk" to most normal people, but just before retro became a big scene. A boxed C64, lots of Amiga stuff and a bunch of Speccy gear on the cheap. Good times.

    Oh, and that same VHS copy of Blackadder II that turns up at every sale ...

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    Used to be, now that I've basically stopped game collecting I feel like I actually have money to burn, so I do. Never go bargain hunting anymore, and it feels good to pretend like money doesn't matter as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMatthews View Post
    What's up with the defeatist attitude here? Game hunting fails only serve to make the success stories all the sweeter.

    Here's some highlights of this year from various California Goodwills:

    *A stack of CIB PS2 & PS3 games including the entire Devil May Cry and Uncharted series for $1.50 each

    *CIB Zelda II: Adventure of Link for $15.00

    *Nintendo 3DS system (purple) for $15.20

    *Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition for GameCube (CIB) - $20.00

    *Stack of CIB PSP games with Final Fantasy Tactics, MGS Peace Walker, and Monster Hunter Freedom for $3.19 each

    *CIB Mario Party 6 for GameCube - $3.19

    *2 PS3 Controllers (Black and Camo) for $4.00 each

    The deals are out there, guys. If you want the gold, you gotta mine a little.
    While I agree with you, I can also sympathize with what other people are saying. Your LoZ find is a good example. While $20 is a good price in today's market for that game, it's annoying that these stores are even charging that much for a single game at all.

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    Thatís a fair point, Bubsy. I knew it was a good price, but the people who tagged it deliberately marked it at a premium and they clearly were shooting from the hip with that price.

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    I don't drive, so I take the bus

    I have like 4 Goodwills in my route on the bus

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    I'm so thrifty I sleep instead of eat.
    - Where it's always 1992 (or so).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Armitage View Post
    I would have stopped long ago if was just looking for video games - but I look for a lot of other things I collect so I usually find something. And I just like going out and about by myself once a week.
    This is the case for me as well.

    I used to hit my local thrift and find stuff semi-regularly in terms of games, but now it's very few and far between.

    Like most people said it's a matter of frequency, the more you go the more likely you are to find something good/cheap. But my free time is worth so much more than it was 10 years ago so I'd rather save the time and just pick up what I want. I do still swing by occasionally just to see the odd things that pop up, and hey I found a Betamax player (something I'd been looking around for years for) last year and that's pretty amazing to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by StarMist View Post
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