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The musical score in Skies of Arcadia was excellent too, especially the Battle Themes! Maybe SEGA will eventually port over the Dreamcast original or the 'Legends' GameCube edition to the Switch.
Yeah, that music score really grows on you. At first, it doesn't knock you sideways, like say Pazner Saga score does (instantly its Epic) but Skies music score really grows on you, the more you play it . I would love to see SEGA remake the game using the Canvas tech, they seem a perfect fit, more so given the Valkyria Chronicles team are made up of ex Skies staff. A Skies remake using the Canvas tech (which scales across all consoles very well) and re-addressing some the issues of battles (the frequencies of them) and loading times, with all the content in one package, would be really nice and if it sold well enough, may make SEGA look, at making a sequel.