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Thread: Service wanted: SNES SNS-001

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    SNES Service wanted: SNES SNS-001

    1. There's a faint vertical line on the screen. I heard this is a common problem. New capacitors needed or something? I heard this is a common problem.
    2. I'd like to have a metal connector put into the power port where the power supply goes using the very same plug that the SNES uses. This way I don't have to be concerned about it potentially breaking off.

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    Check your DC adapter. Aftermarket adapters usually are NOT safe for use with old consoles as they (the adapters) are often very poorly made and may leave out important safety and/or filtering features. They often cause interference on screen and, in some cases, with the sound as well.

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    There vertical line issue is an issue with many SNES systems and it has been there since the console was built. It wasn't really that noticable until people starting using RGB and other high quality video connections making the slight discoloration stand out more that forms the vertical bar in the center. I've seen it first hand on many of the SNES systems but the SNES jr doesn't or at least the 2 or 3 I've had in my hands over the years didn't seem to produce this. So I don't believe there is really anyway to get rid of it.

    As for replacing out the original connector, the only replacements I've seen are still the plastic and I'm not sure that a metal one wouldn't cause a short within the plug. But if you are afraid of it breaking, then again you can get replacement sections for that. Although I've personally never seen an SNES with the power port broken on it, though I know it does happen and is apparently pretty common.

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    What Eep386 said is exactly right for some aftermarket power supplies. I've seen that on the Genesis and SNES. What CrossBow said is also right regarding many SNES systems and the line being there when it was built. There is an article and fix (if yours looks like the example) listed on RetroRGB here: https://www.retrorgb.com/snesverticalline.html

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