SoundBlaster AWE32 with 28 megabytes of RAM (x2 16mb simms). Forgot exact model (think it's ct3600) but has cdrom ata male plug. Missing all manuals, cards and packaging. Bare card with simms only but looks almost mint and not really used (no dust or scratches). Simms were new prior to testing and also mint.

Ensoniq 3DFX Voodoo Banshee AGP 16mb. Card looks almost mint and not really used. Bare card only but doesn't seem very used; missing all original packaging and manuals.

I'm a non-smoker adult in U.S.A. looking to trade both of these cards for a "3dfx Voodoo 4 4500 32mb" card (preferably pci). Can also trade for multiple broken Voodoo 4 4500 cards.

No pics ATM but will update ASAP.