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Thread: TurboGrafx-16 games

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    Default TurboGrafx-16 games

    Prices are in U.S. funds and do not include shipping by Canada Post.

    Pics coming soon.

    Shape Shifter CIC $35

    Sonic Spike MIB/NEW $25

    Tailspin CIB $40
    Falcon "CIB" $30 -box, styro, 3D printed case with Sparky label, TurboChip and Seymour sleeve.

    Cratermaze CIC$ 30
    Tricky Kick CIC $20
    Sidearms CIC $20
    Dragon Spirit CIC $20
    Cyber Core CIC $45
    Space Harrier CIC $20
    Legendary Axe CIC $20
    Double Dungeons CIC $20
    Bravoman CIC $20
    Tiger Road CIC $30

    Silent Debuggers TurboChip + damaged box $25
    Boxy Boy TurboChip + case $20

    Ninja Spirit TurboChip + manual $20
    Galaga '90 TurboChip + manual $20
    BlaZing LaZers TurboChip $25

    TurboGrafx-16 Lot of 19 games + misc $200:

    Final Lap Twin CIB
    Champions Forever Boxing CIC
    Motor Roader CIC
    Vigilante CIC
    Alien Crush CIC
    Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf CIC
    Sonic Spike TurboChip + manual
    Cratermaze TurboChip
    Sidearms TurboChip
    JJ & Jeff TurboChip
    Double Dungeons TurboChip
    Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf TurboChip
    Final Lap Twin TurboChip
    Impossamole TurboChip
    Veigus Tactical Gladiator
    Legendary Axe
    Ordyne TurboChip
    Gun Boat TurboChip
    TV Sports Basketball TurboChip + worn box
    World Series Baseball worn box
    Ballistix box
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    Hi Black_Tiger,

    I'm interested in the following games:

    Space Harrier CIC $20
    Ninja Spirit TurboChip + manual $20

    Are you shipping from Canada? What would be the shipping cost to Kansas City, MO, USA?


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    Just wanted to update that I received Space Harrier and Ninja Spirit for a great price and everything was in very good condition! Thanks!

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