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Thread: Ninja Warriors Again launched on PS4/Switch in July in Japan

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    Default Ninja Warriors Again launched on PS4/Switch in July in Japan


    New Characters

    In addition to the three characters that were playable in the Super Famicom version, The Ninja Warriors: Once Again adds new characters Yaksha and Raiden.

    image: https://gematsu.com/wp-content/uploa...-18-19_007.jpg
    The Ninja Warriors: Once Again


    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch
    Publisher: Taito
    Developer: Natsume Atari
    Release Date: July 2019 (Japan)
    Price: TBA
    Genre: Ninja taijutsu action
    Players: One to two
    Notes: Time Attack Ranking supports online

    Read more at https://gematsu.com/2019/04/the-ninj...3XKOrylhZIw.99

    No word on a western or physical release. Given Wild Guns. I'd say probably if at the very least Asia English copy on Play-Asia

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    Looks like a pseudo-remake like they did with Wild Guns Reloaded. One shame it's only for consoles this time.

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