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Thread: Why did Sega fail? A look at the 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Panzer Dragoon Orta would have looked like ass on the PS2.
    It would have looked different. That's what happens when you sign up a 3rd party and it develops a system around your hardware. If Nintendo had signed up Treasure then Gunstar Heroes would have been a very different game, or if SONY got them in the 32bit days then Guardian Heroes would have looked different. If SEGA had got Square in the 16 bit or 32-bit era, then the FF would have looked a sounded different Ect
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    Quote Originally Posted by SegataS View Post
    I'm honestly not sure I can see Final Fantasy VIII or IX on Saturn. FFIX was pushing PS1 pretty hard. Vagrant Story was another. Esp Metal Gear Solid. MGS was one of the most impressive looking games of its generation.
    Vagrant Story was impressive, Metal Gear not really in my opinion (after all it was 2,5D game for 90% of the time).
    Don't forget Shenmue Saturn, that was on a another level compared to MGS and many last gen PSX games.

    What Saturn lacked wasn't horse power, was just marketing and success.

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    MGS was in no way 2.5D. Full 3D characters in full 3D environments. Top-down mostly sure but that's not 2.5D. It also shifted to the third person at times. Shenmue Saturn was never released so we don't know how well or poorly it ran. We have no idea how it was optimized, just a target video. What we saw was impressive but you can't compare it to released games.

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    Sega being stupid with development kits and information resources did nothing to prevent Sony from caving the competitions' collective head in with the PlayStation. I hate Sony more than most (software) companies, but credit where it's due. They didn't leave development houses in a lurch.
    - Where it's always 1992 (or so).
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