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Thread: Panzer Dragoon Remake. Releases this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sik View Post
    I dare you to try implementing the controls and physics from scratch with no access to the source code (not even disassemblies) and see how much effort it takes to get it right. Even spotting out why tiny details are wrong can be hard and your guesses will be wildly off (case in point: Sonic fangames never had good physics until the whole physics algorithm from the original was reverse engineered, which by the way are now documented as the Sonic Physics Guide).

    That said… what the hell is with that input lag, I wonder how much of the control issues is just a result of overshooting because of the lag. Sometimes you can even see the aim going in the opposite direction than the stick o_O
    That's the point, I complained since the first trailer because I know it's a master work to rebuild the entire game from scratch without making a mess. The common sense would be to use the source code or in case it's lost, reverse engineer the original game. If even this is not possible just change game, there are many others games that are easier to approach for a remake, why choose one of the most difficult for your first project?

    Even with the source code it would be an heavy work also for Sega, for amateur programmers that has problems even with basic tasks (input lag, seriously?) this is just an impossible job, and it this game sill suck and fails it will be the end of the series, no more Panzer Dragoon in future.

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    lol panicking at something still in development. You talk "amateur" yet you don't realize playable builds are months old. Should they show off something in such a state? No. However, just remember how badly SEGA handled Sonic Boom. SEGA prob demanded a playable demo regardless. So before you throw words out like "amateur" I feel you are one step away saying "lazy devs". Curious how many games have you coded and released? I mean my god Daemon X Machina just back in March had a demo with horrid frame rate and gameplay issues. Now just a few short months later the game is smooth and fixed those issues and it plays like an Armored Core fans wet dream. I remember people throwing a fit over a trailer for The Wonderful 101 at an NPC that was esp low poly looking. A few months later the game releases and the NPC is fixed. And hey what do you know since playable demos are a few months old builds and we have a few more months to go before release. Still too early to panic.

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