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I've moved into other regions as well as the miscellaneous items as well. I feel I'm probably one of the few dedicated 32x collectors left.
I collect 32X, have 13 games left to buy in PAL that are "attainable". Darxide, T-Mek, Primal Rage... I can't see myself ever obtaining or forking out for, so I have a reproduction set of those three (can clearly tell they are reproductions).

Collecting for multiple systems runs you thin so I try stick to a budget now, have just over 4,000 games complete in box in the library and I went crazy buying up things over the last 10 years. Pulled back now though and only try to buy games that are either a great deal/a steal, or games I must play when they arrive. This is across all Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega and XBox.

For Sega I'm stting at:
SMS: 207 games
SMD: 333 games
32X: 19 games
SMCD: 77 games
Saturn: 140 games
DC: 159 games

Intent is still a full PAL set, though there's no rush, figured if it takes a lifetime it takes a lifetime.