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Thread: Top 10 Genesis Shoot 'em Ups (according to profholt82)

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    Hellfire was the first shooter I played on my Genesis, I was very impressed with it. I bought because no R Type on Genesis. I liked the graphics, power ups, mood etc but damn it was hard (for me at least I'm no shmup expert).
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    My top ten would be

    1) Thunder Force IV - Put most Neo Geo Games to shame

    2) Gynoug - Ace graphics and sound

    3) Aero Blasters - Half the time I enjoy this more than R-Type

    4) Twin Cobra - The most wicked AI ever in a shooter

    5) Battle Squadron

    6) Tatsujin - One of my 1st ever Mega Drive games and still plays great

    7) Gleylancer - awesome shooter

    8) Thunder Force II - Such a wonderful game and I almost fell in love with the women's speech

    9) Sub Terrania - Awesome take on Thrust

    10 After Burner II - Awesome port and got what all shooters need, great sound track and super fast gameplay
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    I enjoy Gynoug a lot too, more than fan favourite TFIII in fact. Not a game I ever played as a youngster so it had to wait until Kega Fusion before sampling it's unique body horror styled shooting action. Sure, it does have pacing issues with levels dragging on with some repetitive sequences, but things like the special magic attacks and the impressive rate and volume of your shot as you power up (and on-screen projectile count in general, especially at the bosses) win me over. To say nothing of the game's theme and the art/graphics on the bosses and mid-bosses, some of which do look amazing.

    For me the soundtrack is not quite the classic it could have been (still solid though).

    The original Japanese cart is now the way I get my Gynoug on, of course

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    I remember trying overclocking on TF4 in Regen but there was still slowdown in some parts, such as the bosses of that first city stage.
    Then came TFIV, and I have to say I found it superior in pretty much every aspect, apart from the slowdowns of course, but I wasn't too bothered by them. One strange thing no one could ever explain to me: when you start the game in Maniac mode at level 2 (Ruin), the demiboss comes right away and fires, and... No slowdown (in the European verion at least).
    Wait I just found this youtube comment on gamesack's video on TF series:
    Also you noted that slow-down is why people 'over-clocked' their machines but in fact that slow-down is the difficulty setting, hold A+Start to get to the hidden options menu then put the game on 'maniac' and boom the slow-down is gone.
    Is this right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chilled View Post
    Wait I just found this youtube comment on gamesack's video on TF series:Is this right?
    My memory is that there was more slowdown on the highest difficulty with full weapons, but maybe I only played the highest non-secret difficulty?

    That video isn't a good example though, as he's also playing the PAL version.
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