Rgt85 has wrote a book about the 32X. I got my copy today and while I have not read it all the way, I have glanced through and honestly...I am disappointed. I have actually been waiting for this book since I heard he was writing it.

The collecting guide is incomplete. Only 2 games from Brazil? No Asian region at all? Whats the deal? It seems to focus too much on information that honestly everyone already knows about the 32X. I kept expecting info, no matter how much or little, on each region. There is some cool stuff in it, but again, it is missing out on a lot. In this day and age, with the Internet and database sites showcasing info and/or pictures of attachments and games...why is so much missing?

Look, I get that writing a book is hard to do. I couldn't write one as well as this and my hat is off to him. But as a YouTuber with what seems to be connections, I just felt that there should have been more info. Gather what you can about each region...show pictures of what the 32X and the games looked like in each region.

Maybe I am being too harsh, but as a 32X enthusiast and someone who was excited about this book...I feel a LOT of potential was lost. Again, big props to him and everyone who helped in creating it...but it does not feel like a "complete" guide at all.

Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but my two cents on first glance. I am sure I will enjoy reading it, which I know I will. But I could not call this a complete guide by any means and I feel those who know very little about it won't get as much info as they could have.