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Thread: Sonic, Street Fighter and the 'golden age' of gaming magazines

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    Default Sonic, Street Fighter and the 'golden age' of gaming magazines

    I hadn't noticed this posted so I figured I'd post this for the fellow Brits (and of course anyone else who have read the magazines) who grew up through the "golden console years" of the 1990's with a nostalgic look back at magazines like Mean Machines, C&VG along with comments from Jaz Rignall and others.


    Quote: "With an initial print run in the region of 30,000 copies, monthly sales would soon go on to top 150,000. So what made Mean Machines such a huge success? Humour and personality were undoubtedly key ingredients.While striking features acclaimed the merits of Street Fighter II, readers were mercilessly mocked by Rignall's "Mean Yob" letters page persona and Insult Corner saw near-the-knuckle put-downs hurled around with glee.
    "It was very much part of the remit not to talk down to the readers," he says. "We really wanted to be inclusive. It had a very juvenile and anarchic humour - double entendres, being rude but not quite being rude. We wouldn't swear, but we would allude to swearing. The personalities of the staff really came through, and the tone and style was very different to most other magazines out there.
    "Most important of all, we were very, very enthusiastic about video games."
    As the likes of Streets of Rage, Super Mario Kart and Star Fox drove sales of Sega and Nintendo's machines in a battle that came to be dubbed "the console war", advances in desktop publishing meant magazines could be put together more quickly and cheaply than ever before."

    Man that brought back some memories and it couldn't come at a better time since I've now got my old library of magazines set up neatly on shelves so I can browse through remembering happy care free times.

    Feel free to comment and share your own memories of your fave magazines.
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    I get these magazines.

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