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Thread: WTB: Asian Mega Drive Games/Global Gladiators Genesis

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    Default WTB: Asian Mega Drive Games/Silver Ozi Soft Releases

    I am currently looking for the following bits and bobs, drop me a PM if you happen to have anything on my list. Top prices paid.

    Asian/Hong Kong PAL Mega Drive games:

    Sonic & Knuckles (Teal box)
    Mega Bomberman (Teal box)
    Batman & Robin (Teal box)

    Phantasy Star II (Euro Packaging/Japanese shape Cart)
    Columns (Euro packaging/Japanese shape Cart)
    Double Clutch (Euro packaging/Japanese shape Cart)

    They must be CIB (with manual) and good condition.

    Other PAL Asian Stuff:

    Ultimate Soccer-Box and artwork only

    Sega Genesis:

    Global Gladiators-Either sealed or Mint CIB

    Sega Mega Drive Ozi Soft:

    Silver boxes and any releases

    I am am also looking for other PAL Asian releases so anything you have just drop me a PM, you can check my want list over at Guardiana: http://www.guardiana.net/YourProfile/SearchList.html

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