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Thread: Was the N64 strategy the best way for Sega to return to the market? (Hypothetically)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SegataS View Post
    Yes Mega Drive is a shit name. It means nothing. Genesis does what Mega Don't.
    You don't know what you're talking about. The name was originally chosen in Japan to convey the power of the new and then-unique 16-bit architecture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SegaAMD View Post
    I have a feeling that we fell into a cartel and everything is combined, really, I believe that at 10,000% and there is a lot of evidence that points to that.

    all Sega fans I've talked to inside and outside social media repeat the same arguments, among them that SEGA has no money, so I could see that the Sega fan deconstruction process was deep, I'm showing a different path Fans can be protagonists, I've seen it work in other cases like for example Sonic the Movie, it works.

    I think the only way to make the plan viable is if the forum (not the people who compose it) embraced the idea, so we could go to step 2 which would be to denounce the downsides of this current market, large amount of open worlds games with empty worlds , Abusive DLCs, GaaS (game as service) and finally bring SEGA as an alternative, because it has short arcade games and a whole philosophy of its own. making this reach some Game journalist, who will publish thus beginning an effect that will culminate in the achievement of the goal.
    Well we're at least on a similar page. When people usually dream of a Sega console, its because they got nostalgia of the Genesis and Dreamcast, and sometimes also the Saturn and Master System. But the reality is modern Sega is a much different company than during those days, likely about 60% of the employees are different. Though you recognize that and still want them to make a new console.

    Also Genesis and Mega Drive are both Greek names so by default that means they're both awesome.
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    Please send suggestions to Sega. let's try to make a better Sega

    Are current games bad? would you like a new Alex Kidd? a new console? a new mini console? and tell them how to do

    on this link you have a voice, it's the only way to talk to them, use google translate for japanese, copy and paste, send, it doesn't take 3 minutes and that can change something .... at least it's better than waiting

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