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Thread: Analogue x Hyperdub "Konsolation" - WAV Player Cartridge?

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    Default Analogue x Hyperdub "Konsolation" - WAV Player Cartridge?

    For those who haven't seen, Analogue released a limited edition of the Mega SG in early December that included a limited edition album-on-a-cartridge as part of the package. (They have indicated that this cartridge will not be otherwise available.)

    Catskull Electronics tweeted a thread about the cartridge when he got his copy (including cartridge teardown pics). It looks like the music for the album is stored on an SD card included on the cartridge.

    When I got my copy, I tried dumping a ROM of the cartridge itself (via Retrode - I know it's not the best ROM dumping tool but it's what I have). It looks like there is error text in the ROM for things like communication with the co-processor, as well as the correct file count on the SD card. (And, as you'd expect, the ROM doesn't work without being able to talk to the co-processor, though since I also didn't get any error message displayed for this, I assume the Retrode dump was imperfect.)

    Neither Catskull nor I have tried changing out the files on the SD card to see if the music will still be read. Regardless, IMO this is a pretty odd way to do an album-on-a-cartridge. Why not make some nice YM2612 chiptune, especially with all that work put into the FPGA emulation of the YM2612?

    (Also, I don't know if Catskull is active on these forums, so my apologies if I'm stealing your thunder here.)
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    Oh, that looks very similar to Memblers' NES MP3 cart. Could even be made by him. Or just a coincidence.

    On not getting an error (presumably on an everdrive or emulator), it may just hang waiting for a reply.

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