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Thread: "state something completely random time!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMatthews View Post
    I noticed just yesterday that I had made my 10,000th post not too long ago. I wish I had known it at the time, I would have made a big obnoxious production out of it.
    Don't fret, there's a workaround!
    You could delete some of your disposable posts (shouldn't be too hard to find ) and get your post count back to 9999. Then make a big deal out of that 10k post.
    Quote Originally Posted by soviet View Post
    We believe! SEGA Empire will live again! As the Jews re-established their Israel, GOD will never forget his people, SEGA will never forget her fans!

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    Most people never noticed this but when I first played Volgarr I was freaking out when I saw the nod to Rastan with the enemy design then the pit then Rastan himself.

    Life!? ... What console is that on?

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