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I realise the post was regarding 'sealed' games. I simply wanted to add my comment that on the uk ebay site the same games in mint condition are selling for 7 and 10. I did not realise a spelling test was part of me submitting a post and I also did not realise that I was talking out of my arse when nothing I said was untrue.

I find it such a shame that a forum I have been a fan of and enjoyed, after my second post someone has felt the need to send a response like you have.
Well, I guess maybe we all don't get across quite what we intend when making a quick post at some time or other. Seems we've both done that now ... my point was that you seemed to be suggesting that these games were only worth 10 or so because that's what someone has started a couple of auctions of unsealed copies for. If so, that's obviously completely irrelevant as it's a different ball-game entirely - (a) because prices of sealed games and unsealed games are not comparable at all and (b) because the price an auction is started at is absolutely no measure of value.

If that's not what you were suggesting, then my apologies - but in that case I'm not sure what the point of your post was - perhaps some clarification is in order.