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Thread: behold its beauty

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    Added it back to the article.

    17daysolderthannes also grants permission for "any non-profit use".
    This is implied in the GFDL but also seems to contradict it as you highlight non-profit use when GFDL guarantees free commercial and non-commercial use to everyone.
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    The Mega Drive was far inferior to the NES in terms of diffusion rate and sales in the Japanese market, though there were ardent Sega users. But in the US and Europe, we knew Sega could challenge Nintendo. We aimed at dominating those markets, hiring experienced staff for our overseas department in Japan, and revitalising Sega of America and the ailing Virgin group in Europe.

    Then we set about developing killer games.

    - Hayao Nakayama, Mega Drive Collected Works (p. 17)

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    the thumbnail shows up, but it says the file doesn't exist when I click on it. It says I need to edit at least 10 entries before I get upload permission or some BS like that, so when I get the time I'll do some minor grammatical changes so I can upload pics. I plan on taking sexy money shot pictures of all of my consoles before they go into storage (they all literally look this good) so all of the wikipedia pages can have a pretty picture.

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