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Thread: Sega Gear: Menacer Light Gun

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    Sonic Sega Gear: Menacer Light Gun

    Every console has a light gun, the Genesis included. Unfortunately, it seems that the 16-bit generation overall didn't pay much attention to them, as both the Menacer and its SNES counterpart, the Super Scope, received only a handful of games in total. Despite the small library, there are some good games out there, like T2: the Arcade Game and Body Count. So, is it worth tracking down a Menacer for your console? Read our review of Sega's adaptable little gun and see for yourself!
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    The Menacer is probably one of the worst light guns made for any console. There are great light guns for Genesis, this just isn't one of them! Great concept, poor execution. It also was way too pricey back in the day at $100. I bought one when they discounted it to $19 and hated it so much I sold it the next day to a used game store. Part of me wishes I'd kept it for collectibility reasons, but the rest is still glad to be rid of such "utter tosh" as some here would say.
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